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We've had the opportunity of working closely with Theochem in creating and expanding their digital presence. In this article, we'll talk about how we helped their company turn a strong online presence into converting clients while increasing their ROI.

Theochem's old website.
We had to re-do their entire link-building process in order to get good quality links that stay.
Since starting we were able to grow traffic to the website and sustain it.
For a website with no products sold directly on the website, we're still able to increase traffic value through providing useful content on the website.


  • Transforming a traditional chemical cleaning company into a digitally conscious business while creating strong communication between marketing, sales, and service.
  • Creating more awareness with the main demographic being mid to large-sized businesses.
  • Working with custom challenges like not having pricing on the website, while still dialing in the traffic value.
  • Increasing professionalism by incorporating a branding template across their website & social media.


We worked side-by-side with the sales team as well as Theochem's lead chemist to strategize the best approach to their marketing and advertising campaigns. We focused primarily on their most popular products as well as picking a few less-known products from their catalog of over 200+ products. Not only did we want to raise awareness for the brand but also bring attention to their distributors like Home Depot, Lowes, and Tractor Supply. We focused on SEO optimization and Link-Building to create organic traffic to the website, and created 3 Google ad campaigns to bring more traffic to our products sold by distributors.

We created multiple custom email campaigns targeted toward business owners in the local area of Tampa based on industry.



We've been able to bring a digital infant to full adulthood, creating an established brand that makes it easier for B2B communications. 

3X Referring Domains

2X Effective SEO

150% Value

From The Client

“Strategy Junkies has been an amazing asset to our business. We strive to create a casual and relaxed environment at Theochem and they fit in perfectly. We loved being able to come up with creative ideas that put a gap between us and competitors.”

Theochem's New Website - Solutions For a Cleaner World.

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